Benjamin Richard Clark (wtf_mothersex) wrote in power_lifting,
Benjamin Richard Clark

good stuff

for some reason in the past couple of weeks my shoulder was killing me while i did pushups/bench and stuff

today it suddenly lifted and i did some really hardcore benching




and this was what really rocked


so after that i took a little break and did some other lifts (power cleans, 115, 6 reps 3 sets) and then went back

my weight coach had a big old board, and we did some really awesome benching exercise where he put the board on your chest and you benched heavy weight with the 4 or 5 inches it gave you

i did 225 3x3 with that

we max out in a couple weeks, i think i'm going to go for 250 on bench, my squat i think i'm going for 400

my deadlift i'll probably go for 350, i suck at deadlifting, i've got small hands and normally we don't have powder around the school weight room so i've got to deal with it, thus i usually blow off deadlifting, resulting in a suck ass 1RM

oh well. i'll have 1000 pounds if i get what i shoot for and my weight is going down i've lost a few pounds, i'm at 246 right now, last time i posted i think i was like, 248

so my lifting is going badassedly

^_^ comment back with anything that you might have to say, chirp in about deadlifting techniques please!!!!
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