An instant bad memory (starless00) wrote in power_lifting,
An instant bad memory


I've decided that I don't want to cut anymore for a while, and get into powerlifting. I want to become huge and strong like a lumberjack or like an american football player.

I'm new to powerlifting. What's a good program to start with? I'm sort of interested with learning to do clean and jerks and clean and presses, but I don't know how to incorporate them into a good program containing DL, Squats and BP. What rep range should I keep at? How long should I rest between sets? Between gym days?

My gym's weights aren't rubberized, either, so I can't drop the barbell after a clean and jerk/press. Are there any alternatives to dropping the barbell?

A sample routine which I could modify as I go along would be greatly appreciated.
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