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Squats and pain in knees

Hey, I have been working w/ squats for a while, but I never really went below paralell before or going to where the hamstrings touch the calves;always stopped just above parallel and then went back up. So when I started doing that I had to reduce the weight to 135lbs. to get propper form. I am noticing a weird feeling in my knees that I haven't noticed before. It has been already a few days since I last squated and I'm still feeling it. The feeling isn't pain or anything. . .can't really describe it, but I'm starting to get worried. I haven't had any pre-existing knee problems. IS ANYBODY EXPERIENCING WHAT I AM EXPERIENCING? Or is this just normal?
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in my highschool where we lift we have a paper that tells us how to use the proper form to prevent the worst kinds of unpleasantries in the squat rack

stand just past shoulder width apart
puff your chest out and look up at the ceiling

and absolutely from the first time you squat

get low!

if you haven't been getting low since you began powerlifting i'm sure that getting low and just starting to get low will feel weird. work out at a low weight and work at it. i got my squat up from practice, practice, practice and i do 375 pounds. another good technique is to use knee wraps, some people around here use them, i never have but it takes pressure off your knees, see a trainer about those

and i don't know if you use a belt but get a weightlifting belt to suppor your legs and back

that's all the advice i've got, comment back or instant message me about how it goes

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