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I'm 21 and I and started working out consistently again about 1 year ago.

squat: 180 3x5
Deadlift: 180 3x5
Bench: 215 Max

Weight 160
height 5'7

Goal is 300 hundred on the bench. Is this plausible w/ my weight and height or am I mostly likely going to have to gain weight to throw that amount of weight up?

Also, My workout rountine is relatively modest but I really see good gains. I'm I doing to less?

Chest: bench press 135 1x5 then 185 3x5 bench
Buterflies 3x10 158
Shoulders: Upright rows 80 2x10
Military Press (standing) 90 3x10
Shoulder shrubs 2x10 180lbs.
Back: 2x5 Pullup (bodyweight)
Horizontal pull (not sure what the name is) 55lbs 2x8

Tricips: vertical dip (emphasis on tricips) bodyweight 1x5 then 2x8

Biceps: Hammer curls and ez curls whatever I see needs work

Legs: squats and deadlifts 180 3x5
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Goal is 300 hundred on the bench. Is this plausible w/ my weight and height or am I mostly likely going to have to gain weight to throw that amount of weight up?

It will take a lot of smart training to get there, but I see it as very plausible, especially if you've only been training for a year.

I'm I doing to less?

Could you explain this question? I don't understand.
I always hear and see people doing so much more than I. Like for example, for the chest, I see people working incline, decline, and flat. I know people what to shape their pecs, but for me, I have been getting the desired look I want and also the gains. I think I started off doing 160lbs as my max and now I'm up to 215. In my chest routine, I don't do alot because I don't have the time, and also I don't see a point to. incline and decline still hit the same muscle grp. I know those exercises give emphasis to diff. angles, but bottom line is they are the same muscle and not different muscles; doing flat bench will yield growths to whole pectoral muscle all around.

The way I look at it, is to get the max results w/ doing the least work possible; I have school and a very hectic schedule so I can't afford to dedicate myself as much as I wish I could. In my chest routine, I don't do alot because I don't have the time, and also I don't see a point to. incline and decline still hit the same muscle grp.

I've been doing this routine (different sets of course) for a year now and I'm happy. Should I be doing more. . .like others do? or I'm I doing ok
Also, I try to work in all the major muscles groups, how does my workout stack up?
well actually, I think you could be doing a lot less. But if you want to improve your maxes, you should check out a real powerlifting routine.
What do you do? Actually, I tried the Ian king workout plan, but the plan isn't really flexible. Also, it seems a little week. But that is just me though.
I'm not a powerlifter, but when I was doing a PL style routine a few months ago, I did something similar to what I'm about to explain.

I like the idea of heavy day, medium day, and light day, rotating exercises. Remember, you want to be improving your ability to lift the weight and perform the exercise - it's not always about working the specific muscle group unless you are a bodybuilder (trying to get muscular size rather than strength - remember, they are different things)

so, something like this (speed work is 10 sets of two reps at 50% 1rm, trying to perform the concentric as fast as possible.)

Speed work: 10 sets of two reps (10x2) Bench
Heavy work: 5x2-5 Squat
Medium work: 3-4x6-8 DL

Speed work: 10x2 Squat
Heavy work: 5x2-5 DL
Medium work: 3-4x6-8 Bench

Speed work: 10x2 DL
Heavy work: 5x2-5 Bench
Medium work: 3-4x6-8 Squat

and you could fill out the workouts with just a few sets (not too many) of isolation/assistance work for weak points. Some arm, calf, ab, and lat work (chinups) would be wise but you don't need to fill things up with more pec and delt work.
Yo man, sup im new but i thought id give you advice. Umm im 15, 6' foot and 230. I b3nch around 260-265 every monday but i can max at 280. I was wondering if you are taking any protein shakes, because i starting working out about 7 months ago and it was so helpful. I think i climbed up on the bench probably 5 pounds each 3 weeks. I dont think that your current weight right now is stopping you from putting up 300 on the bench. But it will take dedication. As protein goes, i take cytogainer, which is a weight gainer, which has alittle more protein and calories than a regular shake. I think you should take a weight gainer just to get your weight up into the 180's. For chest if your looking to get bigger i say do the flat bench and the incline. I dont like the results thats the decline bench gives. Just work hard and eat high protein foods, such as fish, GRILLED chicken, steak, and so on. Also with veggies, the greener the better.
If you want to start on a CRAZY weight gainer try ultimate nutrition's muscle juice in'll throw you 150g of carbohydrates, 56 of protein, and 1300 calories when its made in milk.

As for benching I have to say I agree with you. In theory there isn't really a limit to how much one can bench..there is just a limit to how much work someone puts out. Granted it will take someone who weighs 125 pounds a lot more work to put up 300 pounds than it takes someone who weighs 325 pounds..but its been done.

Also don't neglect carbohydrates. Post-workout your body has depleted resources of glycogen and glucose which naturally will lower insulin levels which will naturally raise cortisol levels (cortisol's purpose is to go in and convert muscle into glycogen) which is..well kinda anti-progressive. In addition to a whey product post-workout you should definitly have 1-1.5g/pound of bodyweight post workout and ~.5/pound of bodyweight preworkout.
My above recommendation was for one in a gaining cycle though..for losing there is a whole different set of science that one has to look into.
Heavy, medium, light...........WTF. Where do you get this crap?

Louie Simmon's Westside technique is a proven method for developing explosive power. You need to divide your training into max effort and dynamic days. Take a max effort in a rotating lift, board presses, floor presses, etc every week. Just do one max effort lift, and do it for no longer than 2 weeks, after than you risk burning out your Central Nervous sytem. Your delts and tris are small muscle groups, you want to get about 60 reps in dividing up evenly between 6 and 10 total sets. I like to always hit them heavy because they recover faster. Your dynamic day will consist of the actual lift itself. I like to use bands and chains on my dynamic days and then really load up on the volume for the assistance exercises. You can keep the volume high if you are dieting properly and eating enough. Any rep scheme over 5 reps will not translate to an increased bench, as far as it relates to speed strength. Blah, blah, blah this will take forever to explain, look at my journal if you want a more detailed explaination then just ask.

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July 5 2005, 01:22:44 UTC 11 years ago

Your goal of 300lbs is very reachable even at your current weight.
When I was in High school I weighed 170lbs and benched 345lbs. Use to really piss off the 260lbs steriod users to see someone 100lbs less than them bench the same amount as them. When I was in the Army I weighed 190lbs and pushed 405lbs. So your body weight has little to do with how much you can lift. Just don't be stupid about lifting heavy it is easy to get hurt. About 2 years ago I was incline benching with 375lbs, Ipushed a little to hard that day and now I can not do regular bench presses at all. I have to use Hammer strength or other kinds of machines. My point is push yourself but don't be stupid about it. Good luck to you and Ihope you reach your goal.